City of bicycles

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Undoubtedly, the city of bicycles not cars is Amsterdam!
How many different bicycles can be found on its streets!

Small and large, for one person, for parents and children, sports bicycles, the best hybrid bikes!
Amsterdam has chosen a remarkable development strategy. Bicycles make it possible to organize the urban environment well.
Much nicer when you are sitting in a cafe and see passing bicycles, not a stream of dirty cars!

Bicycles must conquer the world! Of course, it’s very difficult to manage some things without cars. But if the delivery of goods by drones is properly organized, it will be possible for elderly people to move around in electric chairs around the city, then there will be much less cars!
You need to at least cut them.
By the way, this greatly prolongs life and improves health!
Imagine how much less people will get sick if they start cycling.
To “train” cities for cycling is necessary as soon as possible, otherwise we will very much regret that we did not do it.

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Very Important Words

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Your boyfriend is not keen of fashion, he is a programmer and you do want to save your face when he’ll invite you to the first date to the shop for choosing the best laptop for coding?

The first thing you need to remember!

RAM and built-in graphics adapter!
These are important elements in any computer, that you need to remember!

Of course it’s important to keep in mind whether your boyfriend plays games on the computer and if you are lucky and he does not play games, then he can be advised to buy a laptop with a built-in video adapter! Remember this word!

Computer experts say that there must be a lot of RAM! If you with a very intelligent look say the phrase: “Dear, there is not much RAM!” I assure you he will invite you to a second date!

On the big diagonal of the laptop, you can also hint. Tell him that this is an important criterion for choosing …. but not for you, since you prefer small diagonals and in general for you this is not the main thing! 😉
We promise he can invite you and on the third date after these words!

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What is the curling iron?

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So, you are faced with a difficult question, what hair plate for hair to choose. A difficult question is this, because on sale today you can find the appropriate devices in an unusually wide range. The choice of the most suitable variant will depend solely on what type of hair you have and what result you want to achieve in the end.
Today the most popular types of plaques are the following:
Round curling. These devices are one of the most common. They will allow you to get classic even curls.
Irons. The only device that do not work for curling, but for straightening. They will be able to straighten your naughty curls and thus allow you some time to walk with perfectly straight hair.
Cone curlers. They are of two kinds – the first allow you to create curls, large at the roots and tapering downwards. The other way around. If you are interested in a conic curl, which one to choose depends on you.
Spiral curvatures. With their help you can create curls in the form of a spiral. They will look great as in a complex hairstyle, and scattered lightly over your shoulders.
Texturizers. These are curling irons, which give an opportunity to create various curly effects on hair, including asterisks, hearts and not only. As a rule, they prefer teenagers, as well as representatives of creative professions. Best curling irons you can find here.

Coating of the heating element

It’s about that part of the curling iron, on which you will reel your curls. If you are thinking about how to choose a hair curler, then it is the heating element that should be paid attention first. Moreover, there are several options for coverage.
Teflon. Such ploys are, as a rule, inexpensive, but they do not last long. Over time, the Teflon coating begins to wear off, as a result of which the plaque is no longer considered safe for the hair.
Ceramics. The main advantage of this coating is that it heats up quickly and evenly. The downside is the following: when the thermal protective agent hits the heated surface, the ceramic ceases to slide, as a result of which the use of the fuse becomes less convenient.
Titanium. This coating has many advantages, including uniform heating and non-stick effect. The only drawback is the high price of the device. It is titanium fuses that are most popular today.
Tourmaline. A feature of this coating is that it does not allow hair to be electrified and protects them from excessive drying.
Silver. The main advantage of this coating is its antibacterial effect on the hair.

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Skin Care- Determining Your Skin Type

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When it comes to the matter of Skincare, you need to first know the type of skin you have. Cosmetics specialists and healthy skin experts allude regularly to different skin sorts, such as dry, sleek, and a blend of the two, expecting you to know which classification you fall under. Your healthy skin regimen relies on your skin sort, yet not everybody has a decent comprehension of their skin. Therefore, their healthy skin plan is a greater amount of the hit-or-miss assortment. Uncertain of what skin sort you have? See which depiction fits your best. Look also face mask reviews

Tips for Determining Your Skin Type

Dry skin can be flaky and effectively aggravated. It’s more touchy. If your skin has these qualities, furthermore has a tendency to respond to a few or all of the skin items you have attempted, you have dry skin. The outrageous form of dry skin is touchy skin. On the other hand, in case your skin feels oily most of the time, chances are your skin is not the dry type. The essential test for figuring out whether you have slick skin is the point at which you begin to feel some oil all over. more about skin types

The vast majority can feel a little oil by late evening; however, in the event that you feel oil around early afternoon, you have sleek skin. Slick skin infrequently responds contrarily to skin items like dry, delicate skin sorts do. It has somewhat better regular sun security, but on the other hand, is inclined to skin breakout. There is also a type of skin which is called the combination type. In the event that the portrayal of dry skin coordinates your cheeks, however, the depiction of slick skin coordinates your T-zone, which would include your nose and temples territory principally, you have mixed skin type.

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Hair Care Tips- A Review

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One of the most important Hair care tips is to apply conditioner only to the tips of the hair. Keeping in mind this method is one to note no matter how you look at it for all hair sorts, it’s much more imperative for fine or thin-haired women.Since fine hair frequently has issues with holding volume and hair fall at the roots, applying an excess of conditioner can burden it, also chafe the scalp. In any case, in case you’re one of numerous who still locate the typical wash-out conditioners abandoning substantial, oily hair, maybe it’s a great opportunity to switch it up and apply your conditioner first.

Basic Hair Care Tips

You should realize from the start that the sort of your hair, and in addition the way you style it, can go far in adding to your looks. Each one of the general population in this world does not have a similar kind of hair. While a few people take pride on their wavy locks, others are basically enamored with their straight hair. At that point, there are some who have wavy hair, which is neither wavy nor straight. Whatever the kind of your hair is, you have to take appropriate care of it, for fear that it gets harmed and loses its magnificence. Would be helpful look: best flat irons 2017 reviews

 Abstain from utilizing hair dryer however much as could reasonably be expected, since wavy hair has a tendency to be exceptionally delicate. Give your hair a chance to air dry however much as could be expected. Never at any point brush your twists, on the off chance that you would prefer not to wind up having fuzzy hair. Or maybe, deal with it with the assistance of your fingers. It is best if you could avoid any unnatural styling techniques for your hair since these could be harmful.

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