City of bicycles

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Undoubtedly, the city of bicycles not cars is Amsterdam!
How many different bicycles can be found on its streets!

Small and large, for one person, for parents and children, sports bicycles, the best hybrid bikes!
Amsterdam has chosen a remarkable development strategy. Bicycles make it possible to organize the urban environment well.
Much nicer when you are sitting in a cafe and see passing bicycles, not a stream of dirty cars!

Bicycles must conquer the world! Of course, it’s very difficult to manage some things without cars. But if the delivery of goods by drones is properly organized, it will be possible for elderly people to move around in electric chairs around the city, then there will be much less cars!
You need to at least cut them.
By the way, this greatly prolongs life and improves health!
Imagine how much less people will get sick if they start cycling.
To “train” cities for cycling is necessary as soon as possible, otherwise we will very much regret that we did not do it.