Very Important Words

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Your boyfriend is not keen of fashion, he is a programmer and you do want to save your face when he’ll invite you to the first date to the shop for choosing the best laptop for coding?

The first thing you need to remember!

RAM and built-in graphics adapter!
These are important elements in any computer, that you need to remember!

Of course it’s important to keep in mind whether your boyfriend plays games on the computer and if you are lucky and he does not play games, then he can be advised to buy a laptop with a built-in video adapter! Remember this word!

Computer experts say that there must be a lot of RAM! If you with a very intelligent look say the phrase: “Dear, there is not much RAM!” I assure you he will invite you to a second date!

On the big diagonal of the laptop, you can also hint. Tell him that this is an important criterion for choosing …. but not for you, since you prefer small diagonals and in general for you this is not the main thing! 😉
We promise he can invite you and on the third date after these words!